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Removing unnecessary hair on the legs. P

Sugaring is a traditional ancient Egyptian method of hair removal that involves using a 100% natural paste to remove hair from its root. Unlike waxing, it doesn't require strips or cloths for removal.
Like waxing, regular maintenance of sugaring every 4-6 weeks will allow you to achieve less hair growth over time, and the hair that does grow will be more fine and sparse. 
Why do some clients prefer sugaring over waxing? 
Some find that sugaring is less painful, as the hair is pulled and removed in the direction of the hair growth. 
Results have shown a lower risk of ingrown hairs, as pulling in the direction of hair growth decreases the likelihood of hair breakage, which is a main cause of ingrowns. 
Who doesn't like ORGANIC and NATURAL?! Sugar paste is made up of only 3 safe and natural ingredients: Sugar, Lemon Juice, and Water, making skin reactions far less likely.  

Please call 519-267-2777 for Sugaring Pricing and Bookings! 

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